About us

We are a well established Manufacturers' Representative Agency with many years' experience in foreign trade and an extensive knowledge of the conditions and requirements of the local market.
We pride ourselves by representing world-class manufacturers, who offer solutions through innovative and technically advanced products and services.

We cover the following territories: Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

· Products
- stainless steel pipes and fittings (H. Butting GmbH & Co.KG)
- non-ferrous semi-finished products (copper, brass, aluminium, bronze), stainless steel, plastic (Manfred J.C. Niemann Export Company)
- cunifer, aluminum brass (Manfred J.C. Niemann Marine Division)
- wall panels, ceilings, floating floor, profiles (Isolamin)
- prefabricated wet units (Premec)
- A and B-class doors, heavy duty doors and A-class windows (Momec)
industrial equipment (Holmatro Industrial Equipment B.V. )
- Ecospeed (Subsea Industries nv) - underwater ship protection
- OSNALINE® tube bundles (KME Germany AG & Co.KG)